Nautical escape for all year long

Who doesn’t like relaxing, seaside getaways? Why not bring those breezy and cosy vibes to your home? Decorate your space with the soothing colour palette and natural material, for a nautical escape for all year round. With these simple tips, it is extremely easy to achieve beachside-look.
Seascape is marked by shades of blues, greens with a perfect of blend of white and beige. These shades have soothing and relaxing vibes that can calm your soul. You have to choose tones that represent water and sand for a proper beach look. Bright reds, oranges and neon have no scope in this whole look, for it can be too loud and bold.

Patterns play a significant role in bringing the room together. It gives a lot of options besides colours and makes the design look put together without much efforts.Navy and white stripes or coral prints goes very well with this theme. These patterns add depth to the room and give dimension the room. You can also show-off beachy textured through natural wooden materials.

Seascapes are all about sunny and breezy weather, to bring that same feel to your space, you need to let the light come in. Luminosity is an important ingredient in any interior layout. Natural light is beneficial and saves you some money on your electricity bill. You can use bamboo chicks and sheer curtains to get a breezy feel to the room.

Using items that represent the sea can also add a fun component to the room and will give you a closer appearance of the beach. Elements like seashells, sea paintings, rope-decor pieces or anchors can go very well with the look. Nautical inspired rugs and prints might also come handy. Choose your favourite pieces that make you feel on a beach, use it and you are good to go.

The only thing you might have to remember is not to overfill the space and to let yourself feel comfortable. That’s the whole idea behind all the efforts, to create a place where you can relax and distress.