5 excellent tips for bedroom interior design from REALISTIC DESIGN STUDIO

REALISTIC DESIGN STUDIO gives focus on each and every detail related to interior, like theme of room which provides simplicity with simple furniture which shows perfect blend of colours with vertical lines design, promotes form follows functions. Let’s discuss how…

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Let’s use wood – bed back wall design
As we all very well know wood is the very beautiful material in interior but at the same time it’s very crucial part of our eco-system. We should always think about our earth even before our designing, so that we should not harm our nature.
Let’s discuss wall design for master’s bedroom as Realistic Design Studio is providing cost effective design , good tips for ambient lighting , theme concepts in Noida , Greater Noida , Lucknow , Gurgoan , Faridabad , Kanpur , Ghaziabad , Delhi etc.
Wall design with wooden paneling with profile lighting effect will enhance the beauty of the room. Best suitable for adult kids bedroom or in entertainment zone.
Wooden texture like walnut as shown in picture will go best with pista green shade, likewise rosewood colour will go with pastel pink shade, a complement shade for girl room.
Profile light will give concept of clean and clear lines or we can say perfection of symmetry. Light can be in warm light, natural light, cool white tones.

Cozy n relaxing bed
RDS thinks that bed should be something which gives mental peace and relaxation. So, in above design bed is fully foamed from all the sides, with 3’ height from the back of the bed which is also placed vertically to maintain the consistency in design.
Fabric can be of different variety like velvet, Italian swade, leatherite, raxine, etc.

Creating ambience – false ceiling
Room false ceiling can be of any type as it can be simple, minimalistic, classical etc as it creates ambience in room through it’s proper lighting . It’s an perception that heavy design will make your room feel smaller and light design will make your room looks bigger. We can also say that perception and look is the one of the most important point while designing your room.
Realistic Design Studio help their customers to have a good luxury life within their budget , they serve services in Noida , Greater Noida , Lucknow , Gurgoan , Faridabad , Kanpur , Ghaziabad , Delhi etc.

Pop – up zone
Pop up zone in room will pop up your brain once enter in room, help to make your room look more beautiful and help to feel fresh. In this bedroom we have near be window area to be highlighted one with stripes print wallpaper along with flora texture fabric on chair.
Pop up zone fills colours in room, which make you feel more lively and more fresh.

Entertainment unit
It’s an entertainment source where lcd is placed along with décor statues. Lcd panel can be with storage and without storage too,
Realistic Design Studio gives extra focus on all these 5 tips which is necessary for one bedroom therefore, they were more reliable. RDS is the ideal choice one situation for all type of interior work.so, that’s all for this one wait for our new blog …